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About Us

Why We Create


Every company has a story to tell, derived from its people, operations and vision.

HexIntel empowers research community, business enterprises and governments through its work on data, intelligence and analytics systems.

Though we all live in a data-driven world, structural, organizational and human factors prevent most modern organizations from effectively managing, manipulating and harvesting internal or external data.

This results in so called data gap. Organizations suffer from lack of data and such data commonly referred to a ‘not availables’, meaning they are not available to the immediate use. Not Avalaible’s are everywhere.

We provide solutions based on the notion that a data set is not an object, but a living organism. Like all living organisms data sets require specialized care and attention. As such, our data solutions are inspired and informed by the most perfect database known to mankind: DNA.

We breathe life into your data through our DNA approach.

We De-code Not Available’s. Unlocking its true value, data becomes alive and connected to your business enterprise.

We have a passion for creativity because creativity makes us happy.

Co-create with us and..

Expand your organizational potential to its limits.


Hours of Work


Cups of Coffee


Sleepless Nights


Data Cells Processed

We have created the Hexintel to meet the need for radical innovations in public and business services. For this purpose we bring together experience and ingenuity from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

We employ some best skills but always stay connected to our broader knowledge community. The Hexintel is not only a physical space or a single institution but also a hub that is linked to numerous nods operating as a global knowledge network.