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How We Help


The World economic and political system is currently undergoing through a rapid and large-scale change. Policy makers, business executives and researchers are all looking for new insights to manage complexity and to cope with uncertainty.

Considering supply side, data ecosystems are fragmented, unevenly developed and not always function properly. Country, sector and industry level data are scarce, not easily accessible and require excessive technical expertise to integrate and manipulate for decisions.

To enable policy and corporate foresight and create value from the available data, we team up with some of the brightest decision scientists to help you. Organizations are suffering from the lack of data. We turn not availables into availables through a holistic approach. We decode, design, and reengineer new platforms for data to flourish and transform into insights.

DataTurkey is the primary example of such work. It is the unique platform for clients who seek a single access point to Turkish data ecosystem without sacrificing from simplicity, stability and ease of manipulation.

DataTurkey is an application which is based on open data stock of numerous agencies and institutions. We do not provide any confidential or unreported data. However, we bring existing data into life through sequential technical processes by digitizing, noise-reducing, consolidating, restructuring, updating and dynamic reporting.

DataTurkey: Solving Nations’ True Potential

Single Platform for Data, Intelligence and Analytics

Do not waste your time by chasing data or crunching numbers, enjoy our integrated platform for academic research, intelligence, and analytics systems.

Dynamic Querry, Drag and Drop

Bored from labor intensive static reporting, get your dynamic querry instantly.

Easy to Navigate and Manipulate

Directly import your data set, and visualize it in interactive graphs, or deep dive into metadata.

StatTree : A New Life Form for Data

Discover how we breath life into data through creative mapping. Elegance meets with simplicity and functionality without any sense of getting lost.