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The Reason We Know

If you are a hunter-gatherer you do not need data and analytics to survive!


You are a research institution or a think tank who is seeking an integrated data platform for enabling research and training excellence.


You are a government agency, a ministry or a policy-oriented organization and you chase for inspiring data solutions in design and planning.


You are a business organization exploring new strategies, markets, business models or products and you have an appetite for data and insights.


You are a consulting company or a data platform and you quest for a solution partner in expanding and upgrading your service.

What We Create

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Data now becoming a critical asset in invisible balance sheets, the competition gap between leaders who are relatively fast adopters to shifting landscape and laggers which struggle to develop new skillsets and visions for harnessing these intangibles are widening. It is a creative destruction in the happening. HexIntel helps companies envision, design, develop and integrate Business Intelligence solutions in their day-to-day operations. We support business organizations big or small, in navigating through extremely complex business topography.

Policy Intelligence
Policy Intelligence

Countries are facing urgent and complex challenges. Economic turbulence, social transformation and persistent and rapidly increasing unemployment are triggering profound changes to the way we live and work. Public services, from public finance to transport and education, are not geared to cope with the scale and pace of these challenges. Radical thinking is required. Our policy intelligence solutions are targeted to equip decision makers with some best perspectives and insights when responding to and driving change.

Analytics: Business and Policy
Analytics: Business and Policy

Usually extra sophisticated than intelligence solutions, analytics products and services are one of HexIntels main areas of operations. For bringing about innovation, we set up two divisions one for policy and the latter for corporate analytics practices. Analytics and customized applications have the potential to substantially improve social and public value both in decision making and in operations. In addition to our generic products, we aim to support clients with a custom tailored approach when demanded.

Data Solutions
Data Solutions

To reap up benefits of a data-driven age, organizations should develop a living culture of data, internally. Nevertheless only a fraction of them can afford necessary human, financial and time resources to do so. Starting from their own resources companies should discover, decode and deploy data assets as a driver for growth. Researchers and decision analysts must have enough time. We design and provide solutions to your analytics and research teams in achieving a competitive edge.


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